Author: paullambden

If you are tired of battling food and your body

For many people, the experience of battling with food and their bodies is an all too familiar experience. Whilst for some, this may become a serious eating disorder, for others, it is an enduring and ongoing problem that impacts negatively on self-esteem, self-confidence, and their capacity to enjoy and get the most from their lives. Intuitive Eating is a fresh […]

When alcohol becomes a problem

About alcoholism The word ‘alcoholism’ is a contentious and emotive one. It tends to attract somewhat negative and derogatory associations, which can serve to reinforce the stereotyping and stigma that people with alcohol problems may experience and, which may be obstacles to them seeking or being offered help. Furthermore, there is a lack of consensus as to how and to […]

" Those who arrive at the end of the journey are not those who began. "
T S Eliot